Posted on 8/22/2023

Here's 5 Ways Property Managers Can Make Your Rental More Profitable on the Gulf Shores

"Is having a property manager for your Gulf Shores getaway really necessary?" It's a question as timeless as the sunsets that paint the Alabama skies over our vacation havens. For those of us lucky enough to own a slice of paradise, the decision to bring in a professional to care for our cherished retreats can be a bit of a head-scratcher. So, what's the verdict?

Well, it's a bit like trying to catch the perfect wave – it depends.

Are you the patient sort, someone who genuinely relishes the art of hospitality and doesn't mind being the go-to person in the middle of the night when questions arise or unexpected hiccups occur? Oh, and do you happen to have some extra time on your hands?

If you're nodding along with a big "yes" to all of the above, congratulations! You might just be cut out for the DIY approach to managing your Gulf Shores short-term rental. It's the path where you call the shots, retaining full control and dodging those hefty fees that come with hiring a pro.

But, let's face it, life can be a bit of a whirlwind. If your vacation property dreams are more about sipping a cool drink on the beach than fielding calls and fixing issues, then turning to a management company could be your golden ticket.

Our little slice of paradise here on the Gulf Shores isn't just about real estate; it's about creating an experience. Short-term rentals aren't the kind of venture where you can set it and forget it, expecting the magic to happen. It's hands-on, requiring time and effort.

If you find that time isn't exactly your best friend, and the idea of managing it all yourself feels a bit overwhelming, fear not. There's a solution – bring in the experts.

In this blog, we're diving into the true value a property manager brings to your Gulf Shores escape, sharing five reasons why having a pro on your team might just be the secret ingredient to your vacation rental success.

1. Property Managers Help You Set Up, Scale, and Establish Your Business

Whether you're dipping your toes into the vacation rental world for the first time or you're expanding your portfolio along the sun-kissed shores of the Gulf Shores, having a property manager can turn the journey of creating a brand-new listing into a breeze.

Picture this: from selecting the perfect furniture to sourcing captivating photographs and crafting enticing descriptions, your property manager becomes your go-to guide, handling it all or providing savvy advice on navigating these initial steps.

Take Vacation Homes Collection, for example – we're not just experts in managing properties; we know the unique elements that set your rental apart in the competitive landscape. We've mastered the art of capturing stunning photos that showcase your place in its best light. As your partners in property management, we're here to offer professional strategies, especially when you're just starting out. Think gaining traction with competitive pricing and elevating those early reviews.

And here's the secret sauce: this knowledge isn't just a launchpad; it's the rocket fuel for growing and fortifying a thriving short-term rental business in the long run. So, whether it's your first vacation rental or the latest gem in your portfolio, having a property manager by your side is like having a trusted friend in the vacation rental game.

2. They Take Care of The Day-to-Day Managing Tasks

When we emphasize that short-term rental management demands time and meticulous attention, we're shining a spotlight on the daily grind – the nitty-gritty details that occupy a property manager's routine. The day-to-day rhythm involves a series of specific tasks, and let's be honest, they can be a bit on the mundane side.

This is where having a helping hand becomes a game-changer. Naturally, having someone to tackle these tasks on your behalf can be a breath of fresh air.

Round-the-Clock Customer Service

When it comes to short-term hosting, customer service stands out as the most demanding aspect, but it's also non-negotiable for long-term success. Think about those coveted five-star reviews – they hinge on how well you take care of your guests.

Guest interactions, from the initial online booking considerations to post-departure follow-ups, are constant. For a single property, our team at Vacation Homes Collection handles an average of 120 guest interactions each month. That's a substantial amount of care!

Answering Questions

Addressing questions is a significant part of these interactions. No matter how well you've portrayed your listings through photos and descriptions, guests inevitably have specific inquiries. Questions about exact amenity locations or explanations of guest fees can come at any time – yes, even at two or three in the morning.

Timely and courteous responses are the lifeblood of this business. Failing to reply promptly can linger in guests' memories, impacting their reviews or prompting them to seek alternatives from your competition. This is precisely where your property manager shines. Their role is to handle these queries, allowing you to enjoy a peaceful night's sleep. At Vacation Homes Collection, our support desk is active 24/7, with an impressive average response time of five minutes, even for those 2 am questions about the type of grill.


Emergencies are inevitable. Guests might find themselves locked out due to a glitch in the smart lock or report plumbing issues when you're away on a family holiday. What do you do in such situations? Call a neighbor for another favor or start hunting for holiday-working plumbers?

Enter your property manager. With a simple call to our support desk, we handle these minor emergencies, sparing you the hassle of finding a locksmith or plumber. Having dealt with these issues daily, we've streamlined systems to address them promptly – a win for both you and your guests.


A short-term beach rental experiences a revolving door of occupants, necessitating more maintenance than a regular home. Establishing a proper maintenance routine and regular inspections are essential but time-consuming tasks.

Here's where having reliable support is invaluable. Your property manager can handle tasks like replacing consumables, managing inventory, and ensuring cleanliness. Finding trustworthy housekeeping staff is often challenging, but property managers typically have established relationships with reliable teams. At Vacation Homes Collection, we maintain close ties with our cleaning team, trusting them not only to maintain your property but also to report any issues promptly. And, just to be thorough, we keep a watchful eye for any minor details they might overlook.

3. Property Managers Can Handle Complex Tasks Too

In the realm of short-term rentals, it's not just about the daily grind. Matters can take a more intricate turn, requiring swift action to sidestep potential liability issues. Take, for instance, the need for annual fire inspections to ensure extinguishers and smoke detectors are in optimal working condition.

When issues escalate to a more complex level, securing immediate and reasonably priced contractors for repairs becomes a challenge. This is where a property management company becomes your ally, alleviating the headache and, as a bonus, cutting costs.

Our address book is brimming with trusted vendors and contractors with whom we've cultivated relationships over several years. Since we often receive competitive bids from them, we can ensure the best quotes for their services. This not only saves you money but also the time and effort of scouring, briefing, and negotiating with contractors.

Navigating the intricacies of the short-term rental business includes screening guests. It's not just about accommodating pleasant travelers; some may attempt to sneak in extra friends or throw unauthorized parties.

We've got it down to a science. With over a thousand guests passing through our properties each month, we've seen it all – from guests setting themselves on fire to peculiar artistic choices on the walls and even attempts to scam a refund. Identifying and steering clear of guests who might cause issues is second nature to us, as things are not always as they appear. Surprisingly, church and school groups can sometimes be the most challenging on a vacation rental!

Additionally, we politely decline all guest requests to bring pets. While we acknowledge legal considerations for 'service animals,' we implement additional requirements to dissuade such requests. It's an effective strategy to keep your vacation rental secure and free from unexpected complications.

4. You Can Entrust The Admin Side To A Property Manager

Navigating the administrative side of your Gulf Shores vacation rental can be another intricate facet of the short-term rental business.

Let's face it – delving into the backend details might not be everyone's cup of tea. Managing your listing and overseeing the ebb and flow of bookings can be monotonous, even with the assistance of software that streamlines processes. Yet, at the end of the day, the responsibility for ensuring everything runs smoothly falls on you.

What is the significant advantage of having a property manager? They can handle the nuances of dynamic rate setting, a crucial element in maximizing revenues. This task could easily become a part-time job for any property owner, demanding an understanding of market dynamics and daily price adjustments to stay competitive. Tools like Wheelhouse or Pricelabs can assist, but just owning a hammer doesn't make you a home builder – having these tools is just the beginning.

As property managers, we're a tad obsessed with these details. Our dedicated team is committed to monitoring statistics and enhancing them whenever possible. Some folks may find this level of detail cumbersome, while others revel in it. It's all about figuring out where you fall on the spectrum. Leave the administrative intricacies to us, and you can focus on what you enjoy most about your Gulf Shores rental experience.

5. Property Managers Can Actually Boost Your Income

We get it – the thought of steering clear of manager fees is tempting. However, it's crucial to shift the focus to how much a property manager can save you and the additional income they can bring to the table.

Sure, there's a cost associated with having someone take care of the nitty-gritty details, but consider this: a good property manager is your shield against inflated contractor and cleaning agency costs. This alone can save you more money than the commission fees you might be hesitant about.

What's more, a skilled property manager brings a strategic edge to the game. Through savvy marketing tactics and hospitality expertise, they can not only attract more guests to your property but also optimize your nightly rates.

At Vacation Homes Collection, we're not just property managers – we're experts in setting and maximizing occupancy and revenues. Even after factoring in our fees, which happen to be among the lowest in the market, you can expect to see a significant boost in your earnings.

Experience is the game-changer. We've been at this for years, full time, at full throttle.

So, if you're still on the fence about property managers being overrated, we're willing to bet that perspective is changing. They're not just streamlining your setup, managing daily tasks, handling complex issues, and taking care of the administrative side – they're actively increasing your income in the short-term rental business. With their assistance, your main concern will be figuring out what to do with all the extra free time and income coming your way.

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